Book Sale!

Book Sale!

Right now until Nov 31st, you can pick up a copy of either (or both) of my books at my studio, Ocean and Crow Yoga, for $10+tax. They make a great gift for the right person in your life!

Pick up only before November 31st, 2020. The studio is at 1707 Grant St, just East of Commercial Drive, two blocks North of First ave. Email oceanandcrow @ to schedule a pickup.

WANT: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault. (Mango Media 2019)

This is the perfect book for anyone who has been through sexual assault or knows someone who has. It’s also a great resource for understanding trauma in general and how it works in the body, and developing a healthier relationship to one’s pleasure and sexuality. Plus it’s full of stories from my own life! I promise it’s the most fun book you’ve ever read about sexual assault. Plus it won a Canada Book Award! Purchase here:


Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken. (SkyLight Paths 2016)

This is a great book for that person in your life who loves goddesses, the moon, mythology, and storytelling. It’s also great for anyone who is going through a hard time or a transition in their lives and is looking for a way to slow down and reflect on everything with a really loving and open-minded view. It’s full of information about Tantric philosophy and how to follow the moon phases with specific journaling prompts and meditation practices. Purchase here:

Prenatal Yoga for a Pandemic

You know how they say “you teach what you need?” Well, I am currently pregnant in a pandemic, and have been really wanting a live, interactive prenatal class that’s online so that I’m safe but can still get to know other pregnant people and do a practice tailored to my rapidly changing body. I thought classes like this would be everywhere, but nope, just a couple of offerings out on the horizon. So I decided to create my own!
Join me for 6 weeks from September 16th-October 21st on Wednesdays at 4:30pm. We’ll do a brief check-in at the beginning and then move through about an hour of movement specific to a pregnant body.

Julie on the Fear of Science Podcast: Consent

I recently sat down with Jeff Porter and Daniel Chai of the Fear of Science podcast and with fellow guest and amazing comedian Emma Cooper to discuss the topic of consent. It was a super interesting conversation and you can have a listen here:

Mindful Sexuality: A Workshop with Yoga Outreach

Mindful Sexuality: Yoga and Meditation Practices for Sexual Wellness–Knowledge Development Series with Yoga Outreach 

In this workshop, we will discuss empowering, feminist, and trauma-informed ways to explore sexuality and sensuality through our meditation and yoga practices. Our sexual selves are sacred and powerful, and they relate to our sense of desire, connection, and power in our lives. This workshop will involve some discussion, some meditation, optional journaling, and an all-levels yoga practice. No nudity or explicit material.

Monday, May 25th, 2020, 5:00-9:00pm PDT via Zoom.

Sliding scale pricing from $40-$100. Register here:

Julie on the Shamelessly Feminine Podcast

This week I am honored to be a guest on Jen Rozenbaum’s Shamelessly Feminine podcast. We talked about the recovery process after sexual assault, and really about how to get your power back after going through something like that.
Check it out here:

Self-Regulation Skills During a Crisis: How to Calm Yourself Down: Facebook Livestream Monday at 10am

I will be offering a brief talk on Facebook Live on Monday at 10am PST on self-regulation skills during a crisis. We will talk about mental health and stress during this moment and offering some tools that have been helping me. We will also do a brief meditation together to help move the body out of the stress state and into the rest and calm state so that our bodies can relax, rest, and heal when appropriate during a difficult time.
All you have to do is tune in at 10am PST at the Ocean and Crow Facebook Live link:

Live Streaming Yoga Classes and Zoom Meetings

Right now, my yoga studio Ocean and Crow is offering our entire schedule as a live stream on Facebook. All you have to do to access our classes is Like our Facebook page and tune in during class times.
I am also available for my Pathfinding program, my mentorship program for teachers, and one-off mindfulness coaching sessions via zoom. See more at
Soon we will be migrating over to Zoom for live, interactive online classes. Stay tuned for more details!

Writer, yoga teacher, studio owner. @juliejcp