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elephant journal articles

 Thoughts on life, heartbreak, politics, and the rest

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Permission to Feel (Or, What Superdogs Taught Me About Yoga): Anxiety can really put a wrench in joy. And Superdogs.

The Relationship Funeral: Rituals for a Breakup: Breakups suck. These techniques help us process them.

Subjectify Me! 5 Ways to Tell if an Image is Objectifying: Do you ever see an image and get the “no” feeling? How to identify it, and techniques for new, better possibilities.

Bherunda: the Naked Moon Goddess: A goddess for our vulnerability and desire in times of change or fear.

In Praise of Periods: What if we could see our menstrual cycles as a superpower rather than a handicap?

Is Yoga just Christianity in Disguise?: Have you accepted Downward Dog into your heart as your true Lord and Saviour?

Fat Is Not An Emotion: But we all feel it don’t we? It’s just another way for the man to keep us down!

 Getting Naked in the Garden: We all like to tell ourselves that things were better before that thing happened that one time, right?

I’m White. Say I have “Neutral Ethnicity.” I dare you: I got a rage pony when our country thought it would be a good idea to put someone with “neutral ethnicity” on our bills.

Secrets of a Great Yoga Class and the Movie Titanic: How Titanic exeplifies a great yoga class (stick with me)

I Need to Be In Control: And other thoughts on trigger warnings, after watching Girl with a Dragon Tattoo unawares.

Not all men fantasize about being a clueless baby man with a hot wife: Let’s throw out the gender stereotypes now, shall we?

 In Defense of Anger–or, Life Lessons from the Incredible Hulk. If you’ve seen the Avengers, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t, you’ll still get it.
For when you are so deep in love you don’t know how to get out {poem}: A video of me doing a ‘sad’ poem

 How to Spot a Predator in Your Yoga Studio and What To Do About It: a piece addressing safe space in the Yoga community (yup, it’s an issue there just like everywhere else!)

To All the Men I’ve Ever Known and to Those I haven’t Met Yet: I Want You To Know 10 Things: a piece celebrating (yes, celebrating!) men

 Tantric Philosophy, Sex ‘Til Dawn, and the Smell of your Armpits [poem]: a video of me doing a ‘sexy’ poem

10 Things I learned at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference: Day 1. Day 2 and 3 are linked at the bottom of the page.

Time to Shut The Hell Up: You Know, Yogically : Why we need time to stop talking and be silent

Poem: Creepy, but Thoughtful: a performance of a poem I wrote about my strange skin condition

On Why I Dressed as my Ex for Halloween. : Old ghosts come up in the strangest of ways.

How Yoga Can Make You A Better Artist (Hangover Optional) : the theory behind Creative Flow.

Why I Won’t Occupy Any Street. My biased experience of protesting and why I don’t do it.

Why Lying Broken In a Pile on Your Floor is a Good Idea: When you are at your most hurt, most sad, most broken, you are also at your most powerful.

How to Lie to Yourself Better: How your brain’s job is to make up shit about reality, and how you can harness your inner liar.

Yoga, Anorexia, Torture, and Biceps Made of Fighter Jets: my experience with eating disorders and yoga

 When Yoga is Not Like Sex. And When it is Like Sex. Yoga should be sexy. Don’t you think?

In Which Rumi and I Write Ourselves Melancholy Birthday Letters. Rumi and I have the same birthday. Seriously.