Moon Goddess Meditation Audio Course: A 16-Night Ritual for Heartbreak, Desire, and Connection

There is going to be a full moon on January 1st, 2018–a symbol of ending and letting go of the last year to start fresh for the next one. Join me for a 16-night audio ritual following the moon phases from the new moon on December 17th to the full moon on January 1st. Each night you will get a guided meditation and a journaling prompt to explore the energy of the Tantric moon goddess who presides over that particular night. You’ll meet the Goddess of Loneliness, the Goddess of Playfulness, and even the Goddess of Breakups. The meditations can be done seated, lying down, or perhaps even for a moonlit walk out on the street.

Once you purchase this course it’s yours forever, and you can revisit it anytime a new moon arises again. You’ll get the full set of mp3s in your Dropbox (free to create an account).

$60+tax. Details and register here:

Listen to a sample of the first night’s meditation with Kameshvari, Goddess of Always Empowering Loneliness:

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Like everyone else, I have a million emails in my inbox I don’t want. But the few I do read consistently that aren’t from my actual friends tell me something real about someone doing their best to live in the world. I’m refining what I offer with a little more vulnerability, and including a short–well, it’s a letter really. From me to you.

I’ve always included poems and articles in my newsletters and of course you get updates about classes and workshops, but I’m also taking it as a moment for a little slice of life, an honest moment from me.

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Moon Goddess Yoga This Fall

The fall is a wonderful season to do the work of turning in, contemplating, and celebrating what I think of as moon season–the darker days when the queen of the night sky prevails. Join me for some yoga workshops exploring the energy of the Tantric goddesses of the moon!

lalita the full moon goddess at semperviva sun studio november 12th


Semperviva, Saturday, Nov. 12th, 1-3pm Sun Studio $40

On this November full moon, meet Lalita, the Tantric full moon goddess of desire, relationship, and play. Lalita is the queen of the Nityas, the 16 Moon Phase Goddesses, and she can teach us how to work with our desire as a source of empowerment rather than suffering. These secrets can help us experience our world with more courage, less fear, and a lot more fun.

This workshop will involve some storytelling, an accessible, breath-centred Flow practice, and a bit of journaling. All levels welcome; please bring a journal.

Semperviva Sun Studio, 2608 West Broadway at Trafalgar

secrets of the moon goddesses: workshops at maya whole health december 2nd and 3rd


Secrets of the Tantric Moon Phase Goddesses: A Yoga Workshop 

Friday, December 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm $25

In this workshop, meet the Nityas, the Tantric moon goddesses presiding over the phases of the moon. These goddesses represent the Tantric worldview, which sees you as a manifestation of Shakti, the feminine energy that infuses everything in the universe, no matter who you happen to be today. Julie will share a bit about how she found Tantra and especially Akhilandeshvari, the Goddess who is Never Not Broken, at a particularly broken moment in her life. From there, she dove deep into the lessons of Akhilandeshvari and the evocative world of Tantric mythology, and wrote a book called Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken. She will read a bit from her book, and then we will do an accessible, all levels Flow yoga class together followed by a bit of journaling and a delicious savasana.

Goddesses of Loneliness, Desire, and Vulnerability: Yoga and Tantric Philosophy 

Saturday, December 3rd, 1:00-4:00pm $45

Join Julie Peters, author of the book Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken for an exploration into the lessons of Tantric philosophy through the figures of Kamesvari Nitya, a goddess of loneliness and desire, and Bherunda Nitya, goddess of always empowering vulnerability. These figures teach us how we can find power in the parts of ourselves we tend to think of as weak or broken, and show us how we can turn those fears and difficulties into the sort of nectar that can lead us into more intimate relationships with ourselves as well as with others. We will listen to excerpts from the book and consider how their Tantric lessons may apply to our day to day lives. Then we will move together through an accessible, all levels practice that will include some dynamic movement and some deep, restful stillness. Please bring a journal.

1322 Lake Washington Blvd N, Suite 3
Renton, WA 98056

Register for either or both at the following link:


All The Events!!

I’ve been busy setting up events to bring my book across the land and show it off to anyone who will pay attention to me. Plus I have some sweet yoga teacher training workshops coming up in August on sequencing and October on hands-on assists.

Check out the whole list here:

BOOK LAUNCH: Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses by Julie Peters

Join Julie Peters to celebrate the launch of her first book, Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken (SkyLight Paths).

Come to Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive) on Sunday, June 26th, and enjoy delicious vegetarian food and a beverage while taking in performances from poets Emilee Nimetz and Alberto Benavente, as well as contemporary dancer Olivia Davies, bellydancer Rahel, and burlesque Queen of the Night Sky Luna Essence! There will also be short readings from Julie, of course.

Sunday, June 26th, 2016. Doors at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. $5-$10 at the door; proceeds go to the performers.


Moon Phase Goddesses cover concept rd2

More about the book from SkyLight Paths:

Part spiritual practice handbook, part introduction to Tantric traditions, part personal growth guide, this book is for anyone who wants to embrace the confusion, loss, loneliness, desire and pleasure that make up the spectrum of human experience―and better understand who they already are.

“I LOVED this book! It is deep and dangerous and absolutely necessary.”~ Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Embracing the Divine Feminine: Finding God Through the Ecstasy of Physical Love–The Song of Songs

“This book is a treasure trove! Julie has created a tremendous resource that will inspire, uplift and empower her readers.” ~ Eric Stoneberg, Tantric teacher and yoga instructor

Julie Peters is a yoga teacher and a writer with a biweekly column on yoga in Spirituality and Health Magazine. She has also represented Vancouver twice in the Women of the World Poetry Slam competition. She runs Ocean and Crow Yoga studio with her mom, Jane. Learn more at

Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses (SkyLight Paths Publishing)–preorder link!!

My book is ready to be pre-ordered! It’s working on getting born as a real live flesh and page book, and you can be one of the first to read it if you order it now! You should receive it by the end of May.

Moon Phase Goddesses cover concept rd2

Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken:
Part introduction to Tantric traditions, part personal growth guide, this exploration of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses—with nightly meditation and journaling practices—is for anyone who wants to embrace the confusion, loss, loneliness, desire and pleasure that make up the spectrum of human experience—and better understand who they already are.
Get it now:

At Amazon 

At Barnes&Noble


#FeministFacts for 2015

Last night (January 13th, 2016) I hosted the Women of the World Poetry Slam Playoffs, and decided to bring with me a bunch of #feministfacts–interesting things that happened over the last year in feminist news. Here they are for your enjoyment!

December 2015: German Chancellor Angela Merkel is named the Time Person of the Year. The last time a woman was chosen for person of the year? Corazon Aquino, President of the Philippines–29 years ago.

November 2015: Roxane Gay, author of the essay collection Bad Feminist, wins the PEN Freedom to Write Award. LitHub comments, “she fights for women, for the LGBT community, people of colour and anyone else who’s disenfranchised, who’s made to feel weak or small, and does so with passion and dedication”.

July 1st of 2015:  the Canadian government moved to remove sales tax from tampons, and as of this month, California is trying to do it too. You know what has never had sales tax? Viagra.

September 2015: Viola Davis was the first black woman to win an Emmy for lead actress. In 2015. In her acceptance speech, she said: “The only thing that separates women of colour from anyone else is opportunity”

October 2015: California approved legislation that requires school districts that have a health education requirement to include education about consent. This is based on the “yes means yes” standard, in which consent can only be established when both partners participate through “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement” at every stage.

December 2015: Feminist and professional hater Camille Paglia calls Taylor Swift an “obnoxious Nazi Barbie” in an essay for the Hollywood reporter. Paglia also hates porn, Jon Stewart, and Lady Gaga, but loved the movie Charlie’s Angels, insisting in the same essay that the movie was not at all about “tits and ass” but “in fact an effervescent action-adventure showing smart, bold women working side by side in fruitful collaboration.”


July and Nov 2015: Caitlyn Jenner was awarded Glamour’s Woman of the Year title as well as the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. In her acceptance speech for Woman of the Year, she thanked other trans women who encouraged her transition, stating, “I could not have done this without the people who have gone before me — the Laverne Coxes of the world, the Janet Mocks,” Jenner said. “I like being myself. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

January 2015: The cast is announced for the long-awaited Ghostbusters remake, and it’s an all female team. Entitled antifeminist nerds everywhere freak the fuck out. Duncan Shields writes an amazing poem about that.

September 2015: Lammily, the “anti barbie” doll with acne and cellulite, whose dimensions are based on the average 19 year old, gets her period. She now comes with a Period Party pack including doll sized pads and little red dots where she bleeds on her underwear.

September 2015: The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying if his successor is female, she’d better be “very attractive,” otherwise she’d be “not much use.” The Dalai Lama!

August 2015: Addyi, the drug labeled the “female viagra,” comes onto the market approved by the FDA. It doesn’t really work. Writer Ann Friedman comments, “It’s not that male sexuality is inherently simple and female sexuality is complex. It’s that a web of systemic inequalities have historically made sexual pleasure less attainable for women.”


November 2015: a big study is from Tel-Aviv University shows through MRI scans that there is no difference between male and female brains.

July 2015: Cultural Critic Naomi Wolf calls for women to stop using vocal techniques like upspeak and vocal fry, claiming that “you’re disowning your power.” Many women speak back, pointing out that plenty of men use these techniques including vocal fry, and that the argument that these vocal techniques make it hard to listen to women is another excuse not to listen to women.

June 2015: Nobel Prize Winning scientist Tim Hunt comments that he is in favour of same sex labs, because of his “trouble with girls,” stating “three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.” In part thanks a Twitter backlash, Hunt is laughed directly into his resignation.

May 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road debuts, in which Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa completely eclipses the movie’s male namesake, whoever that guy is. Moviegoers everywhere were surprised to be watching a long form feminist car chase with one goal: dismantle the patriarchy. The film grosses over 375 million dollars worldwide.

February 2015: Patricia Arquette wins the Oscar for best supporting actress. She takes the opportunity of her acceptance speech to say, “To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America.” Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez, and Shirley Maclaine cheer her on.

October 2015: Justin Trudeau is elected as Canada’s prime minister. When asked why he chose so many women for his cabinet, he paused and then said, “Because it’s 2015.” The mic drop was implied.


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