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secrets of the eternal moon phase goddesses (skylight paths publishing)

Get my new book: Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken (SkyLight Paths Publishing), Spring 2016

spirituality and health magazine:

Downward Blog: Writings on a Life in Yoga

elephant journal

Why Lying Broken In a Pile on Your Floor is a Good Idea: When you are at your most hurt, most sad, most broken, you are also at your most powerful.

Subjectify Me! 5 Ways to Tell if an Image is Objectifying: Do you ever see an image and get the “no” feeling? How to identify it, and techniques for new, better possibilities.

The Relationship Funeral: Rituals for a Breakup: Breakups suck. These techniques help us process them.

In Praise of Periods: What if we could see our menstrual cycles as a superpower rather than a handicap?

 In Defense of Anger–or, Life Lessons from the Incredible Hulk. If you’ve seen the Avengers, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t, you’ll still get it.

Why the Sexy Equinox Yoga Video Pissed Me Off  Beautiful women in black underwear in apartments that look like glass boxes selling yoga make me feel uncomfortable.

How to Lie to Yourself Better: How your brain’s job is to make up shit about reality, and how you can harness your inner liar.

Bherunda: the Naked Moon Goddess: A goddess for our vulnerability and desire in times of change or fear.

Permission to Feel (Or, What Superdogs Taught Me About Yoga): Anxiety can really put a wrench in joy. And Superdogs.

Is Yoga just Christianity in Disguise?: Have you accepted Downward Dog into your heart as your true Lord and Saviour?

Fat Is Not An Emotion: But we all feel it don’t we? It’s just another way for the man to keep us down!

Not all men fantasize about being a clueless baby man with a hot wife: Let’s throw out the gender stereotypes now, shall we?

 How to Spot a Predator in Your Yoga Studio and What To Do About It: a piece addressing safe space in the Yoga community (yup, it’s an issue there just like everywhere else!)

 Tantric Philosophy, Sex ‘Til Dawn, and the Smell of your Armpits [poem]: a video of me doing a ‘sexy’ poem

Time to Shut The Hell Up: You Know, Yogically : Why we need time to stop talking and be silent

On Why I Dressed as my Ex for Halloween. : Old ghosts come up in the strangest of ways.

Yoga, Anorexia, Torture, and Biceps Made of Fighter Jets: my experience with eating disorders and yoga

semperviva yoga blog

 The Mysteries in the Throat: ”Have you ever had a lump in your throat? Have you ever carried one around with you until it got so heavy that you almost cried when the barista at the coffee shop got your order wrong? I have.”

The Yamas: A Practice for your Shadows: ”We’re yogis, we got this: I don’t go around punching people or lying to them, and the last time I stole something it was a gumball and I was 5 (and I felt really bad about it). I’m definitely not excessive or attached. Seventeen pairs of yoga pants is enough, right?”

Understanding Pratyahara: ” Yoga is what brought me back; yoga helped me heal my relationship with my body and stop trying so hard to escape. Withdrawing my senses doesn’t work for me anymore. I have no designs on being subsumed into the universe right at the moment.”

The Crooked Yogi:  ‘There are days when we feel lost and alone, when the yogic lesson that “we are all one” just doesn’t make any sense, and we feel our separateness so keenly, we just want to shout at anyone who tries to help: “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE ME!”’

Creative Composting: “When we move our bodies, we are squeezing and stretching the same tissues that hold every experience we’ve ever felt viscerally. When your heart breaks, you feel it in your heart. When a situation makes you sick to your stomach, you feel it in your stomach. When you get weak in the knees, you feel it in your knees. These “feeling cliches” in the English language remind us that feelings are called feelings because we feel them.”

yoga journal


The Yoga of Making Honey 

Protecting an Open Heart 

The Yoga of Action

What if God Were a Woman?

Your Karma is Killing Me: Why Yoga is Going Broke and How to Fix It



Secrets of Bridge and Wheel Pose:

Secrets of Stepping Forward

Secrets of Crow Pose

Secrets of Headstand

Secrets of Chaturanga

Secrets of Side Plank






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