A Love Commitment for Valentine’s Day

A Love Commitment for Valentine’s Day (With or Without a Partner) 

February is a month where we are inundated with messages about romantic love. Valentine’s Day can be stressful because the pressure is on to get a romantic date and make it all perfect. It’s a time to celebrate love, but many of us simply end up feeling like whatever we have is not enough—whether or not we’re in a relationship. (….keep reading)

A Guided Meditation for Self Love

In this Valentine’s month, it’s very important to spend some time loving ourselves. Honoring the relationship with our own hearts goes a long way towards supporting our relationships with other people, whether or not we’re in a partnership. This simple meditation focuses our intention on loving all parts of ourselves no matter what.  (…do the meditation here) 

Imagination (Jan 2019)


looking back to look forward: Julie by @catherinebyrdy

As I write this, the moon is getting ready to bleed. She is low on the horizon, a heavy super moon, and will be slowly turning red in a few hours. I have been following the blood moons closely over the last couple of years and try to do my best to at least catch a glimpse of them when I can. Full moons are always a time of letting go, and eclipses (especially witchy blood-red ones) are especially powerful.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the ways in which I believe in myself (or don’t). Because in order to believe in some better kind of life, I need the right self to believe in. The writer and yoga teacher Michael Stone has said that one of our biggest problems as human beings is that we get so stuck in our narratives of who we think we are, what we think we can do, and what we expect our relationships to look like that we don’t open our eyes to what’s actually happening. “I really think that addiction at bottom is an addiction to a narrative,” Stone has said, “and one sign that there’s addiction to a narrative is that your imagination isn’t there.” Lately, I think, I have been lacking in that particular type of imagination. I can’t quite conceptualize of myself living a different kind of life. I see myself on a certain track that looks a lot like the one I’ve been on, and it’s hard to see any other options on the horizon.

But that’s not enough for me. I know I want more for myself. It’s an old saying that the first step to doing a yoga pose is imagining yourself doing it. Why wouldn’t that be true for life as well?

Imagining is easier if you put your face in a blanket.

So I’ve been sitting with these possible other future selves, trying to birth them into conceptual existence. And on this blood moon I’ve also been thinking about the selves I’ve been before that might be standing in the way of that feat of imagination.

I think of the self that tried to protect me after my sexual assault, wrapping me in wrong relationships and numbness. I want to thank her for her service—she did protect me. But I don’t think I need her protection as much as I used to, and now she’s holding me back from having different kinds of experiences. I think of the self that refused to sit still, refused to spend any time alone with herself, ran around chasing drama, because being alone with herself was too painful. That self brought a lot of fun, exciting experiences into my life, but a lot of anxiety, too, and now I’m much more curious about what swims in the still pond. I think of the self that is still astonished when I have any kind of success and shrinks away when people want to read my work or hear what I have to say. She was trying to protect me from being hurt, too, but there are things I need to say that I want to be heard now, and I believe (I want to believe) I will be strong enough to handle whatever happens if (and when) not everyone likes what I have to say.

This blood moon, I want to hold these selves tenderly in my hands, thank them, and say goodbye to them. I want to make space in my mind to be able to imagine new selves that can go on the adventures of vulnerability, connection, stillness, and speaking up that I want to call into my life. I want to imagine myself in a multitude of futures, letting all those possible worlds exist in my mind side by side so that I’m not stuck on one track simply because it’s the only one I can think of. Then I might just have a new self I want to believe in.

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Moon Goddess Meditations for Solstice

This Thursday, December 6th, 2018, we will have a new moon which will cycle up to the winter solstice on December 21st and the full moon on the day after. Solstice is a powerful time to consider what we want to let go of from the last solar year and what we want to call into our lives in the future.
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Moon Goddess Yoga This Fall

The fall is a wonderful season to do the work of turning in, contemplating, and celebrating what I think of as moon season–the darker days when the queen of the night sky prevails. Join me for some yoga workshops exploring the energy of the Tantric goddesses of the moon!

lalita the full moon goddess at semperviva sun studio november 12th


Semperviva, Saturday, Nov. 12th, 1-3pm Sun Studio $40

On this November full moon, meet Lalita, the Tantric full moon goddess of desire, relationship, and play. Lalita is the queen of the Nityas, the 16 Moon Phase Goddesses, and she can teach us how to work with our desire as a source of empowerment rather than suffering. These secrets can help us experience our world with more courage, less fear, and a lot more fun.

This workshop will involve some storytelling, an accessible, breath-centred Flow practice, and a bit of journaling. All levels welcome; please bring a journal.

Semperviva Sun Studio, 2608 West Broadway at Trafalgar


secrets of the moon goddesses: workshops at maya whole health december 2nd and 3rd


Secrets of the Tantric Moon Phase Goddesses: A Yoga Workshop 

Friday, December 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm $25

In this workshop, meet the Nityas, the Tantric moon goddesses presiding over the phases of the moon. These goddesses represent the Tantric worldview, which sees you as a manifestation of Shakti, the feminine energy that infuses everything in the universe, no matter who you happen to be today. Julie will share a bit about how she found Tantra and especially Akhilandeshvari, the Goddess who is Never Not Broken, at a particularly broken moment in her life. From there, she dove deep into the lessons of Akhilandeshvari and the evocative world of Tantric mythology, and wrote a book called Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken. She will read a bit from her book, and then we will do an accessible, all levels Flow yoga class together followed by a bit of journaling and a delicious savasana.

Goddesses of Loneliness, Desire, and Vulnerability: Yoga and Tantric Philosophy 

Saturday, December 3rd, 1:00-4:00pm $45

Join Julie Peters, author of the book Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken for an exploration into the lessons of Tantric philosophy through the figures of Kamesvari Nitya, a goddess of loneliness and desire, and Bherunda Nitya, goddess of always empowering vulnerability. These figures teach us how we can find power in the parts of ourselves we tend to think of as weak or broken, and show us how we can turn those fears and difficulties into the sort of nectar that can lead us into more intimate relationships with ourselves as well as with others. We will listen to excerpts from the book and consider how their Tantric lessons may apply to our day to day lives. Then we will move together through an accessible, all levels practice that will include some dynamic movement and some deep, restful stillness. Please bring a journal.

1322 Lake Washington Blvd N, Suite 3
Renton, WA 98056

Register for either or both at the following link:



All The Events!!

I’ve been busy setting up events to bring my book across the land and show it off to anyone who will pay attention to me. Plus I have some sweet yoga teacher training workshops coming up in August on sequencing and October on hands-on assists.

Check out the whole list here: https://www.jcpeters.ca/events/

Writer, yoga teacher, studio owner. @juliejcp