One-on-One Programs with Julie

I offer two programs in my private practice. I generally only work with three clients at a time. Click below for more information on the program you’re interested in, or email oceanandcrow @ if there’s something else you’re looking for that you’d like to discuss with me!

Pathfinding: A Body/Mind Approach to Finding Your Way and Owning Your Life

This eight-week one-on-one program offers a holistic body/mind approach to getting unstuck from old patterns, cutting through confusion, and moving past the blockages that prevent us from living in alignment with our true, deep-down desires. Click here for more information:

The Calm, Confident Man: Stress Management Skills for Men’s Work, Health, and Relationships

This eight-week, one-on-one program focuses on developing the skills men need to take care of themselves, their work, and the people they care about. Click here for more information:


Writer, yoga teacher, studio owner.