One-on-One Program: Pathfinding: A Body/Mind Approach

Pathfinding: A Body/Mind Approach to Finding Your Way and Owning Your Life 

When we are not living in alignment with what we really, truly desire, we can feel lost, confused, stuck in the same old relationship patterns, or paralyzed by decisions. Old experiences get stuck in our bodies, and it can feel like our nervous systems are living our lives for us. We are nagged by constant health issues or just a general sense that something isn’t quite right. When our bodies and minds align, we can get clear about what we want and find confidence and vitality in all aspects of our lives. So how do we re-connect the body and the mind? How do we see what’s in our way, shift whatever it is, and move forward on our path with clarity and confidence?

This one-on-one program offers a holistic body/mind approach to getting unstuck from old patterns, cutting through confusion, and moving past the blockages that prevent us from living in alignment with our true, deep-down desires. Connect to the wisdom of your body and the intelligence of your mind so that you can own your choices in work, life, and relationships and live with courage and integrity.

This program will include a range of tools, including conversation, meditation, breathwork, visualization, and more, depending on the individual needs of the client. It’s a little like counseling for your nervous system. We move through four phases in our work together over eight weeks: 1. Inquiry 2. Obstacles 3. Support 4. Action. We will work to discover the pattern, find the problem, move the blockages, and co-create the path toward the life you really want. 

Single session $120+tax. 8 one-hour sessions within 10 weeks: $840+gst ($105/session) (if paid in full up front). Payment plans available, email for info. 

Email oceanandcrow @ to inquire or book a session here:

*I am currently offering a financial assistance option to one client at a time for $70+tax for a package of five sessions (online only). Email oceanandcrow @ to apply.

Longer sessions: 90-120 minutes $150+tax 

Email to inquire about availability and/or to set up a complimentary discovery call to see if this program is right for you: oceanandcrow @

Sessions are currently offered online via Zoom or Doxy. Schedule is agreed upon between Julie and the client. Sessions are ideally once a week at the same time and day, but there is flexibility if you plan to be away, for example.


Julie, I can’t thank you enough. I’m in lack of words to express the gratitude that I have towards our work together and for finding you on my path. You have been incredibly patient and present. You gave me the tools to understand what meaning…means! […] It’s incredibly empowering to be able to say that I am enough as I am and actually believing it. And I would have never been able to get to this point without you (or it would have taken a looooot more time!)” ~Marina O. 

“Julie’s approaches to working with clients are grounded in compassion, evidence-based practice, and engage multiple modalities for moving from stuck to unstuck; to gain clarity and move forward from that space. My work with Julie pushed me to find greater alignment in my life – everything I do is connected to everything else. I now strive to be integral to who I am and what I want to put out in this world via the professional work I do, the relationships I cultivate, the people I spend time with, the places and spaces I engage in, and the decisions and choices I make.” 

~K. Gouthro


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Julie Peters has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for over 20 years (E-RYT 500, YACEP) and co-owns Ocean and Crow Yoga studio with her mom, Jane. With a master’s in English Literature from McGill University, she is also a staff writer for Spirituality and Health Magazine and has had several pieces published with a feminist view to pop culture on websites like Feminist Current. Julie is the author of Secrets of the Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses: Meditations on Desire, Relationships, and the Art of Being Broken (SkyLight Paths 2016) and the Canada Book Award-winning WANT: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault (Mango 2019). Having been through sexual assault, anorexia, an anxiety disorder, and the many heartbreaks that come with being a human being, she is passionate about helping her clients find the tools that will work for them to live a life of meaning, courage, and connection. Learn more at and @juliejcp.

 Reviews and Testimonials

“[Signing up for the program] was easy to do because I knew internally that I needed to be guided towards healing myself. I could no longer complete the healing process on my own.  My wounds are deep, old and piled high. Nothing was too challenging for Julie. She guided me through the path.  

[..] I dedicated my Saturdays to meeting with Julie and I do not regret this investment. Investing into one’s self is paramount.  I needed to dig into the truth of my pain and learn the tools to properly take care of myself. […]

Together we were able to establish a number of situations, pains, inner problems, triggers… the list of what to call them could go on, but you get the idea… and then using the layout of her program she was able to guide me to the clearing. 

Once the work began, we were able to remove them from my body and organize the energy within my body.  Much like organizing your closet, I re-organized my emotions, simmered and consoled my pains, and uprooted the railway tie pains that were stuck throughout my body.   

I learned to forgive, love and let go, of the habits, ways – I was holding myself back and I thanked anyone who had caused pain to me.  These sessions helped to rip things open, remove them and heal them, one by one. Amazing.

I learned that my fight was what was keeping me going and that I no longer needed to fight. I needed to learn how to love again. Live again. Breathe again. 

I learned that my fight, when it’s in the right place, it will still be there to guide me.  Letting my nervous system do its job organically when it’s required, and not 24/7 because of past pain.  It was like unlocking the key to a mystery. […]

This shit shines through so bright and many other friends and family have picked up on it.  When they comment or ask, “What’s new?” I flat out tell them. “I’ve been on a path and I’ve been organizing my shit!”  ☺

My mind is clearer, my body lighter and my future now looks amazing. “


“At a time when I was feeling incredibly lost and confused while navigating major life decisions, I found Julie’s writing, which drew me both inward to myself and outward toward her magic, wisdom, and unique tools for connecting to the truth inherent in my own body, my inner knowing. Her work helped me in facing my pain and fear alongside my joy and desires, holding curiosity and compassion for all aspects – in order to build my life forward with intention and integrity. I decided to sign up for 8 weeks of one-on-one sessions with Julie. 

While I held a deep desire to face and move through my felt sense of brokenness, the outcomes of our co-created time together exceeded anything I could have possibly anticipated. Here’s what emerged:

  • I faced and shifted outdated patterns of thinking and behaving. I no longer work from a place of “should”, and I no longer ignore my needs in an effort to appease someone else’s. 
  • My work with Julie pushed me to find greater alignment in my life – everything I do is connected to everything else. I now strive to be integral to who I am and what I want to put out in this world via the professional work I do, the relationships I cultivate, the people I spend time with, the places and spaces I engage in, and the decisions and choices I make. 
  • I ensure that my precious self is not undervalued in contexts where I spend time and energy. If so, I readily shift so I am not expelling myself in those places. I could have not done that with such ease and trust prior to my work with Julie. 
  • I much more appreciate silence, I listen to myself more deeply, and I tell the external or negative internal narratives to shut the hell up. 
  • Stemming from the work I started with Julie, I now carve out dedicated time for myself, to listen to what my body and spirit is telling me, and otherwise, I allow myself to be fully present when with others. 

Julie’s approaches to working with clients are grounded in compassion, evidence-based practice, and engage multiple modalities for moving from stuck to unstuck; to gain clarity and move forward from that space. 

She does not shy away from the tough conversations and she challenged me to face what’s real and true despite it being hard and at times uncomfortable and heart-wrenching.  Yet, with all of that, she remains balanced in her perspective – holding space for all sides of the conversation, for the stories and perspectives said and unsaid, for those in the room and those not. 

Her framework for helping others work through old patterns that keep coming up, for creating clarity where there was once confusion, and for reclaiming the body, energy, and life you deserve and are here to live is outstanding. She brings humour, warmth, courage and objectivity to all of her work. The last few years of my life would have looked very different had I not invested in the time and space with Julie. I am grateful for her offerings and how she supported me in taking back the reigns on my life.”

~K. Gouthro 

“My name is Jay Miron. I’m a retired professional BMX Freestyle rider. During my seventeen-year career I won 6 world championship titles. In order to achieve this, I regularly pushed myself to my limits, and even past them. This resulted in multiple broken bones, torn ligaments and many traumatic brain injuries that eventually lead me to develop CTE, (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) a neurodegenerative disease that causes its victims considerable problems managing their emotions and stress levels. It can lead to violent outbursts and suicide. 

In 2004 I found yoga and quickly realized the potential it had to help me, and heal me. It became a big part of my life and has been since. I’ve worked with numerous very talented yoga teachers over the years in both group classes and private one on one settings. I’ve made considerable progress. 

In 2015 I started attending classes at Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio and met the owner Julie at her Tuesday evening flow class. Julie’s teaching style was easy to understand and made so much sense to me. After about three months I’d made more progress in my yoga practice than I had in years. So I decided to purchase ten one on one classes. It proved to be a great decision. She really listened to my needs and put together a program that addressed them. She gave me everyday tools to help cope with stress and emotions. She also gave me book suggestions from various trauma specialists to read. Working with Julie has made a huge positive impact on my life. I highly recommend working with Julie to anyone looking to strengthen their mind and body. “

~J. Miron

“Julie’s passion for yoga and health is palpable and her personal attention to my family’s varying health issues has been amazing. Julie set up a stretching routine for my back and legs (that I have followed religiously for the last two years), she helped my wife with neck problems and got me through some nasty back pain as I recovered from a ruptured appendix. Ultimately, she listens, comes up with creative plans and ensures that they are implemented appropriately. Oh yeah, best pillow-fort Shavasana ever.”

~Sam N. 


“I first met Julie Peters when she was guest teaching at a popular Vancouver yoga studio. Her approach was unique as she engaged class participants emotionally and physically. Almost two years later I discovered Julie had her own studio. My husband and I went to a drop in class. She was as good as we remembered so we signed up for group classes as well as private yoga sessions. Julie understands that everyone is different, physically, intellectually and emotionally. She looks at the whole person, where they are in their life, and what they need now. Her approach is individual and holistic. Julie understands that our challenges are often more than physical. With her help, my husband and I adjusted our approach to yoga. It became a mindset, not just an effective form of exercise. I recommend working with Julie to anyone who wants to embark on a life long journey of self-discovery at their own pace with the support of an experienced guide. ” ~Alexandra M. 


Writer, yoga teacher, studio owner. @juliejcp