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Upcoming Yoga Workshops and Events with Julie


Julie is now teaching virtually via Zoom. Enroll in a class or purchase a pass here: https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/schedule#


Mindful Sexuality: Yoga and Meditation Practices for Sexual Wellness–Knowledge Development Series with Yoga Outreach 

In this workshop, we will discuss empowering, feminist, and trauma-informed ways to explore sexuality and sensuality through our meditation and yoga practices. Our sexual selves are sacred and powerful, and they relate to our sense of desire, connection, and power in our lives. This workshop will involve some discussion, some meditation, optional journaling, and an all-levels yoga practice. No nudity or explicit material.

Monday, May 25th, 2020, 5:00-9:00pm PDT via Zoom.

Sliding scale pricing from $40-$100. Register here: https://www.yogaoutreach.com/product/mindful-sexuality

Moon Goddess Meditations Audio Course: 16 Nights for Desire, Connection, and Heartache

Over the course of a moon cycle, meet the Nityas, the 16 Tantric Moon Phase Goddesses. Within each nightly meditation, you’ll meet the Goddess of Loneliness, the Goddess of Choice, the Goddess of Vulnerability, the Goddess of Playfulness, and others, exploring the energy of that goddess and that moon phase in your own life. Each of the 16 nights has a different meditation of around ten minutes along with a journaling prompt to help you go deep into what you truly desire, connect with your loved ones, and encourage your heartache to nourish your strength and resilience.

Investment: $69+tax

When you purchase the course, you’ll be invited to a Dropbox folder (free to sign up) where you will be able to download the meditations to your device and use at your own pace. Simply start on the next new moon.

Details and register here: https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/pack_products/648831


Stress Management Skills for Real Life: Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life: an Audio Course with Julie Peters

Practical skills and guided meditations for managing the inevitable stresses of life so that you get past surviving and start thriving in your work, health, and relationships.

Stress is a common problem for everyone, and it’s estimated to cause 99% of our illnesses. We can’t eradicate stress from our lives, however, nor should we: we can’t grow, learn, or change without some form of stress in our lives. The key isn’t getting rid of it, it’s learning how to manage it so stress can be a friend and not an enemy.

In each lesson of this course, you will learn a practical tool or skill that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day life to create a calmer, more resilient pattern for when stress arises. We’ll talk about mindfulness, the functions of the nervous system, and how to manage emotions like shame, anger, and joy, which can each create their own forms of stress. We’ll even talk about how we can use food mindfully to improve our digestion and maintain a healthy weight while working on our stress skills. Each lesson also comes with a short guided meditation that will help you learn to use the skill. The meditations are yours forever to return to whenever you need them.

Investment: $69+tax until May 30th, $79+tax after

Details and register: https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/pack_products/655369

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