How To Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher Audio Course

How to Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher Audio Course: Ten Principles for Creating a Sustainable Career –and Feeling Good About It!


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Julie’s How to Make a Living as a Yoga teacher course is one of the best I’ve come across. She delivers her valuable teachings which are steeped in her personal and professional experience with depth and ease. Julie reminds us that there is room for each unique voice and offering and that business and Yoga needn’t be at odds with one another.” ~NM

So many excellent new and established yoga teachers are out there working so hard for very little pay. Yoga teaching is full of fantastic possibilities–but it can also be overwhelming to figure out how to make enough money to live well, pay your rent, and feel good about what you are doing.

Not to worry! It is possible to create a sustainable career doing what you really love without burning out. In each lesson of this extremely honest, very practical audio course from Julie Peters (who’s been there!), you’ll learn ten principles for making your career work–and feeling good about it. You’ll consider how your unique skills and background can help you choose from the many paths open to you in this industry. You’ll learn how to properly explain what you do, draw the right students to you, market your offerings in a way that feels natural, and figure out how to price your offerings so you’re being paid appropriately. You’ll learn to work smarter, not harder, build a meaningful career doing what you love, and figure out how to carve out space for rest, self-care, and fun times when you’re not working! 

Each downloadable lesson is a 10-20 minute exploration of one of the ten principles that you can listen to on your own time, on any device, at any pace you like. The course also comes with a PDF with detailed notes for reference. All you need is a (free) Dropbox account to access the files. You’ll have the course forever, so you can return to the lessons as you need them and as your career grows.

This course is for new yoga teachers as well as more established teachers who want to start working less, making more, and feeling better about their career.


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Julie Peters (MA, E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and running her small yoga studio Ocean and Crow Yoga for most of that time. She has taught in yoga studios, gyms, corporate lunchrooms, yoga expos, and on her living room floor. She has seen many yoga teachers come through her yoga studio and yoga teacher trainings, and she’s seen and experienced the burnout over and over again. Throughout many experiments, lots of help, and plenty of mistakes, Julie has so much to share about how to make a living as a yoga teacher, even in a competitive market like Vancouver.


Magda S.:

I found Julie’s How to Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher course inspiring and empowering.  I feel a greater sense of confidence in my value as a new yoga teacher, and a greater sense of control in how to make this new career path work for me. 

Haley P.:

Loved it! This online course offers a very easy to listen to and follow 10-step guide that will really lead you to be your most successful yoga teacher and business. Julie gives relatable and tangible material from her over decade-long journey of being a teacher as well as a studio owner. All of these tips are useful and as a teacher at her studio, I see the way these processes positively affect the teacher, the student and the business. Being a teacher in an overwhelming world of yoga, it’s hard to hone in on what you’re offering and how to support it appropriately. No matter what your specialty is, this course will give you useful tips on how to do it the best way possible. 

Katie B.:

I would highly recommend Julie’s How to Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher course to anyone interested in pursuing the path of teaching yoga – both new and seasoned teachers alike. In the 500-hour teacher training I attended there was quite an in-depth section on the business of yoga, so I was initially unsure whether there would be much new information for me from this course. I can now definitively say that Julie’s program is chock-full of very useful and practical advice and information that I have already begun to implement.

Julie’s supportive, creative, and thoughtful point of view provides teachers with so much to learn from. This program is built upon her first-hand experience from her own career as a teacher and business owner. Ranging from topics such as class promotion to boundary-setting, the content is honest, funny, and downright inspiring. It was such a pleasure listening to each lesson and it will be something I will refer back to again and again as I continue to develop my teaching and business skills. This course is an invaluable resource for building a sustainable, ethical, and successful yoga business full of authenticity and heart. 

Khia B.:

I was more than pleasantly surprised as I started listening to the first part of “How To Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher” audio course – I knew ahead of time that Julie was knowledgeable but wow! …turns out she’s SUPER knowledgeable.

Each chapter is laid out with such an easy-to-follow arc and structure, and each point syncs right into the next with a natural flow. I feel very fortunate after listening that someone on the same path as me was kind enough to share their knowledge and insights.

I also really appreciated the clarity and rhythm of speech throughout the entire course, it was easy to listen to Julie as she spoke clearly, enunciated and slow enough to process, but not too slow where you get bored.

Overall this course was extremely helpful to myself, and I would most definitely recommend it other yoga teachers, both newer or seasoned and looking for reminders.

You’ll learn: 

  • The many paths you could take as a yoga teacher and the best ones for you
  • How to identify your core message and the values that will drive your career
  • How to create titles and descriptions that get the right people into your classes
  • Ways to work with smaller groups on a more intimate and rewarding levels
  • Tips and tools for pricing your offerings so that you’re paid well but can also make space for assistance
  • Marketing tips for social media, newsletters, websites, and other tools
  • How to create boundaries around what you do so that you don’t burn out
  • How to work smarter so that you’re containing your work and energy and avoiding burnout
  • Ways to stand out by being honest about who you already are
  • Best practices for complimentary offerings
  • How to be your own best boss, even if you’re the only employee
  • Using timing to create promotional opportunities
  • How to step out of competition and into collaboration
  • and more!


Course Outline: 

Lesson 1: Know Why You Are Doing This

Lesson 2: Being the Boss of You

Lesson 3: Getting Right With Your Relationship with Money

Lesson 4: Get Really Good at Explaining What You Do

Lesson 5: A Few High-Value Clients is Always Better Than Many Low-Value Clients

Lesson 6: Putting Gates in Place

Lesson 7: The Career Stream

Lesson 8: Always Have Something to Invite People To

Lesson 9: Use Timing To Your Advantage

Lesson 10: Policies (For Work and Life)


This course is for: 

  • New yoga teachers who want to learn how this career could work
  • Established teachers who want to make their career work better for them
  • Freelancers in related fields such as teaching dance or qi gong or anything that requires self-sustaining work doing what you’re passionate about
  • Teachers who have experienced burnout and want to feel passionate about their work again
  • Teachers who are considering opening their own yoga studio (though the detail is more focused on single freelancers)
  • People who want to work from an honest place offering something they really care about
  • People who are willing to develop relationships with their students and build a career on deep roots rather than scattered seeds
  • Teachers who are willing to create something beyond drop-in classes and create deep and unique offerings
  • People who are willing to do the work necessary to make full-time teaching a reality, which includes  things like setting up a website and Facebook marketing
  • People who are ready to do what they love for a living and drop that day job!

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Writer, yoga teacher, studio owner. @juliejcp