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Classic Flow with Julie: A 60-minute audio yoga class including sun salutations, twists, and working towards headstand. Purchase here and you will get an email within 24 hours with a downloadable mp3 you can play on any device. $10.00+tax

Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders: a 15-minute audio yoga class focusing on stretching and relaxing the neck and shoulders. $6.00+tax. Purchase here and you will get an email within 24 hours with a downloadable mp3 you can play on any device.

Restorative Yoga Audio Class: a 60-minute Restorative yoga class. If you don’t have yoga props at home, these poses can be done with pillows and blankets. $10+tax.  Purchase here and you will get an email within 24 hours with a downloadable mp3 you can play on any device.

Yoga for Menstruation Audio Class: a gentle 25-minute audio class with a focus on gently opening the hips and soothing the back pain that can arise with menstruation. Purchase here and you will get an email within 24 hours with a downloadable mp3 you can play on any device.

Moon Goddess Meditations: 16 Nights for Desire, Connection, and Heartache

Over the course of a moon cycle, meet the Nityas, the 16 Tantric Moon Phase Goddesses. Within each nightly meditation, you’ll meet the Goddess of Loneliness, the Goddess of Choice, the Goddess of Vulnerability, the Goddess of Playfulness, and others, exploring the energy of that goddess and that moon phase in your own life. Each of the 16 nights has a different meditation of around ten minutes along with a journaling prompt to help you go deep into what you truly desire, connect with your loved ones, and encourage your heartache to nourish your strength and resilience.

You’re encouraged to start on any new moon, but you can go at your own pace and return to the meditations whenever you need them. Once you register for the course, the meditations are yours forever! Details and register:

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Stress Management Skills for Real Life: Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life: An Audio Course 

Stress is a common problem for everyone, and it’s estimated to cause 99% of our illnesses. We can’t eradicate stress from our lives, however, nor should we: we can’t grow, learn, or change without some form of stress in our lives. The key isn’t getting rid of it, it’s learning how to manage it so stress can be a friend and not an enemy.

In each lesson of this course, you will learn a practical tool or skill that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day life to create a calmer, more resilient pattern for when stress arises. We’ll talk about mindfulness, the functions of the nervous system, and how to manage emotions like shame, anger, and joy, which can each create their own forms of stress. We’ll even talk about how we can use food mindfully to improve our digestion and maintain a healthy weight while working on our stress skills. Each lesson also comes with a short guided meditation that will help you learn to use the skill. The meditations are yours forever to return to whenever you need them.

Details and register:

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How to Make a Living as a Yoga Teacher: Ten Principles for Creating a Sustainable Career–And Feeling Good About It! An Audio Course 

It is possible to create a sustainable career doing what you really love without burning out. In each lesson of this extremely honest, very practical audio course from Julie Peters (who’s been there!), you’ll learn ten principles for making your career work–and feeling good about it. You’ll consider how your unique skills and background can help you choose from the many paths open to you in this industry. You’ll learn how to properly explain what you do, draw the right students to you, market your offerings in a way that feels natural, and figure out how to price your offerings so you’re being paid appropriately. You’ll learn to work smarter, not harder, build a meaningful career doing what you love, and figure out how to carve out space for rest, self-care, and fun times when you’re not working!

Details and register:

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