Fifth Night: Vahnivasini: Dwelling Forever in the Fire


Fifth Night: Vahnivasini: “Dwelling Forever in the Fire” 

Energy: the spark that can light up the whole world. 


Vahnivasini holds the red lotus, the conch shell, a bow of red sugarcane, the full moon, the white lotus, the golden powderhorn, flowery arrows, and a citrus fruit. She is covered head to toe in rubies like the embers of the flame, pearls, and many other kinds of gems. She looks ever young, dressed in yellow silk, and she is glowing.

In our sexual narrative, this is the first set of the five goddesses representing the sexual act itself. Vahnivasini is the call to action, the first moment that creates a cascade of action after it. In Stoneberg’s words, “All it takes is one little ember to light up the whole world.”

Vahnivasini’s yellow sari and her citrus fruit indicates medicine and healing, but her overwhelming red adds a sense of movement and action. Rubies, here, are like diamonds with the red light of the sun shining through them. Her sugarcane bow is red, ready to shoot, and her powderhorn is literally a bullhorn with gunpowder in it: about to explode. The conch is traditionally blown, trumpet-style, to call the worshipers to the temple, or to metaphorically open the gates of the heart. Here, our healing comes from a call to action. You know what you want. Now what are you going to do about it?  Who are you calling to yourself to help you light the house on fire?


Sit or lie down, and focus your attention on your solar plexus, that space between your belly button and your low ribs. This is the place where you would feel butterflies in your stomach: Manipura Chakra. Manipura means “the lustrous gem,” and is our centre of willpower, action, and the ability to stand up for ourselves. Imagine a flame lit up right in this place, and every breath you take acts like a bellows stoking your fire. Let the heat rise, and see what call to action may rise with it.

Writing prompt: 

Freewrite: every sentence begins with the words “I will.”


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