Third Night: Klinna Nitya


Klinna Nitya “Always Wet” 

Energy: exuding 


Klinna’s body is smeared with red sandal paste, and she wears glistening unfinished stones that are irregularly cut and come to points. Her eyes are glassy like beads of sweat, and she carries a cup that catches the beads of sweat that are emanating from her brow. She is surrounded by many different shaktis (goddesses), and her words are sweet, like pillow talk. She is swooning with desire, and one hand is held up in abhaya mudra, the gesture of fearlessness.

Klinna is perhaps the Nitya most obviously connected with sexual desire. There is a deep connection with the body in this moment of the narrative, and the body is given a voice. Klinna’s internal desires are no longer hidden in the dark, as with the previous two goddesses. Now she is exuding, oozing out, her rawness is coming to the surface and showing itself for what it is, gorgeous and gross.

She will not let her desires suffer in the dark, but fearlessly holds them up to the light. With her are many other goddesses, which represent the collusion of past experiences into the present moment of desire. Every experience of connection with another being is tinted with all the other moments of connection that have made their imprint on the body. Klinna’s invitation to intimacy is so complete that she offers herself plus her previous loves, her mistakes, her ecstasies, her violations, her fears and shame, her wide, complex self and all that exudes from her body, past, present, and future. To be willing to share all this with another being is a great, rare gift, indeed.



Sit or lie down with your hands on your low belly. Focus your attention way down deep into your body, in the area of the second chakra. Encompassing your reproductive organs, sacrum, and sometimes genitals themselves, this is the area where desire is generated and trauma is often stored. Focus your awareness on what you feel in this area without any need to judge, fix, or editorialize your experience, simply let yourself feel it.

Writing prompt: 

Scars: what experiences have imprinted themselves in your body? Are there some visible or invisible scars that you fear showing to another person? What would it feel like to fearlessly offer them up? How would you want to be received if you let old hurts and new desires come to light in the same moment? Write from any or all of these questions.


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