Seventh Night: Shivaduti


Seventh Night: Shivaduti: “Shiva’s Messenger” 

Energy: receptivity 


Shivaduti is wearing a crown with nine different gemstones, and is surrounded by rishis (sages) singing her praises. She carries a horn, a shield, a mace, a cup made of gems, a sword, a goad, a lotus, and a double sided axe.

Tonight the moon is at its halfway point between new and full. Sometimes if you look at it on this night it is visibly, perfectly, halved. Shiva is the name of the god of yoga, and he often represents the masculine aspect of life and spirituality.  This goddess acknowledges and receives this energy, which balances her own. This is truly a moment of exchange between male and female, yin and yang, the light and the shadow of the halved moon.

Shivaduti is open to receiving the messages that are coming, and to catch them in her cup made of gems. When we truly open up, however, whether to ourselves or to an other, there is an element of danger, vulnerability on both sides. A double-sided axe is a weapon whose blade turns both towards and away from the wielder. These moon goddesses are teaching about desire, empowerment, relationship, and lovemaking, and they all carry weapons. There can be hurt, even violence, when love for the self or another is deep and honest enough. Old hurts may be revealed, lies will be uncovered, egos bruised, vulnerabilities shared, messages sent and received. This is not, of course, the kind of violence that comes from a place of fear or manipulation or the desire to harm literally: this is the kind of healing violence that cuts off your head so that you can see your own heart. If we allow ourselves to go to a place of love that accepts experiencing the pain and hurt of vulnerability, we may end up with a much more beautiful message than we ever expected. Shivaduti is listening for the message, no matter what it may be, and she hears the rishis singing her praises.


Sit or lie down with your palms open in a gesture of receiving. Try opening your eyes softly, and maybe even opening your mouth, letting the breath come without control. Be open to hearing the message with love, no matter what it may be.


Writing prompt: 

Trance writing: Put on loud music with lyrics, close your eyes, and write anything that comes to the page without stopping. Don’t judge what you put down, and let the confusion from the music and the closed eyes help you get out of your own way. 5-10 minutes later, reread and contemplate what you wrote down.


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