Second Night: Baghamalini Nitya


Second night: Baghamalini Nitya: “The Flourishing Garland”

Energy: a sliver of hope


Baghamalini is seated in a lotus. She carries the noose, the goad, the sugarcane bow with arrows of flowers, a red lotus, and a blue lotus.

Baghamalini comes to us in the first moment when the light just barely begins, a sliver of light so small you might miss it.  She is the gut feeling when you think you might have connected with someone, but you’re not quite sure. She is the message that arrives in the dark when no one has spoken out loud. She want us to see the opportunities that we usually don’t recognize until later, to see the moment now, in the moment.

Her blue lotus blooms only in the moonlight, and represents the possibilities that arise in the darkness. There is hope, she says, even if you can’t quite see it yet. Its work is still behind closed doors, in the moonlight, under the covers.



Sit or lie down and imagine a blue lotus opening deep in the night, by the light of the moon. Rest your awareness on this secretly opening flower, and be receptive to any messages that may arise.


Writing prompt:

Human vision is limited to a specific light spectrum. There’s so much we don’t see. What if you could see in the dark, or behind closed doors? What if you could peer beyond the dayblue sky or beneath the dirt of the earth? What would your world look like? Describe it.


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