New Moon: Kameshwari Nitya


First night (New Moon): Kameshwari: Always Empowering Desire 

Energy: Desire in the darkness


Kameshvari carries a noose and goad, a cup of liquid gems, and a sugarcane bow with arrows of flowers. She has an open palm in Vara mudra, the gesture of gift giving and receiving.

In the deep darkness of the new moon night, Kameshwari asks us to peer into those parts of ourselves that may not have seen the light of day in a while, and find out what we truly desire. Be brave enough to want what you truly want, she tells us. This is not the time for a Miss America answer about World Peace. This is a chance to want when no one is watching.

The simple act of looking at these dark parts of ourselves, of knowing what we may have been afraid to know, can be deeply empowering, especially when we can do it with kindness and compassion for ourselves. Her noose captures desire, and her goad presses it forward. Her flower arrows may seem like soft weapons, but they will always seed into more of themselves. Stoneberg reminds us: “The receptive heart is willing to go into the darkness.”


Sit or lie down with your eyes closed. Dim the lights, and If you are lying down, add a scarf or eye bag so the darkness is a little bit more complete. Rest and breathe in this dark place, where there is no light shed, yet, on your deepest, most private desires. Keeping your awareness deep in the pit of your heart, invite your heart to tell you what it desires most deeply, beyond the mental chatter that tells you it’s not possible or you shouldn’t want it. Let yourself want.

Writing prompt:

Freewrite: every sentence begins with “I want.”


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One thought on “New Moon: Kameshwari Nitya”

  1. I love this description of Kameswhari. I have been interested in Kameshwari for some time now. Evidently she is the “Queen of Desires,” and gives more than what is asked.

    I’ve also read she is not only a fulfiller of desires, but also beauty incarnate, since she is a form of Lalita Tripura Sundari. I read somewhere that the god Manmatha (Kamadeva), who has the ability to induce lust, sexual desire, madness in humans and also gods, apparently got his powers from Lalita/Kameswhari, and that he worships her and is under her control. In other words, even the god who enchants and attracts everyone with his divine beauty, is himself enchanted by Kameshwari (or the divine mother in general). She is extremely fascinating indeed.

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