Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga has been shown to reduce workplace stress, improve productivity and focus, bolster co-working relationships, and may even reduce the number of stress-related sick days. It’s a lot easier to go to class when it’s right there in your work break room!

In these classes, employees will move, stretch, breathe, and feel better within a quick 45-60 minute class at a time of your choosing. The yoga practice will be tailored to the students, taking into account injuries, sore spots, limitations, energy level, and of course shoulder, neck, back, and wrist care for the sitting and typing many corporate employees do. These classes are focused on practical techniques to improve physical and mental health quickly and easily in the middle of a workday.

Attendees are asked to bring a yoga mat to class.

Suggested packages (email oceanandcrow @ gmail .com if you would like to tailor your packages in another way):

  1. Weekly 60 minute classes: 8 weeks for $790+gst
  2. Weekly 45 minute classes: 8 weeks for $720+gst

Email to inquire.

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