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stress management skills for real life: practices for a calmer, happier life 

Heal your nervous system, improve your relationship with food, learn how to talk to yourself in your own head, and practice pleasure every day. Use my coupon code STRESS10 for $10 off at checkout: https://courses.spiritualityhealth.com/p/stress-management-skills-for-real-life

moon goddess meditations: 16 nights for desire, heartbreak, and connection.

Spend a moon cycle getting to know the Tantric moon phase goddesses and what they have to teach you about your deisre. Use my coupon code MGM2018 for 10% off:  https://courses.spiritualityhealth.com/p/moon-goddess-meditations

*Get both these courses plus access to everything else available on Spirituality and Health‘s online course platform*: https://courses.spiritualityhealth.com/p/annual-subscription

how to make a living as a yoga teacher:

Ten Principles for Creating a Sustainable Career–and Feeling Good About It! $160+tax. $125 limited time only! Details and register: https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/pack_products/498637

deluxe restorative yoga, massage, and healing touch at ocean and crow yoga:

Lie down for two hours in cozy, comfortable restorative poses to calm your mind while Haley and I offer massage and energetic touch to heal your soul! These workshops are led by both Haley Plaa and me and are limited to 10 participants, held at Ocean and Crow Yoga studio.  They are $50+tax if you register early.

Saturday, April 27th, 2:00-4:00pm. $50+tax before April 20th, $55+tax after. https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/courses/196913

Saturday, May 4th, 2:00-4:00pm. $50+tax before April 27th, $55+tax after. https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/courses/199856

Saturday, May 18th, 2:00-4:00pm. $50+tax before May 11th, $55+tax after.https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/courses/199858

deluxe restorative yoga at semperviva sun studio:

This workshop is limited to 18 participants and is led by both Haley and me. The studio is on Broadway near Macdonald. They are $45.

Saturday, March 23rd, 1:00-3:00pm https://www.semperviva.com/event/deluxe-restorative-yoga-julie-peters-haley-plaa-2/

ultra deluxe restorative yoga and healing touch

These workshops at Ocean and Crow are led by just one of us and limited to six participants in order to ensure the most comfortable Restorative poses with three bolsters each and lots of massage-style and energetic healing touch. These are $55+tax if you register early.

Friday, April 5th, 5:00-7:00pm. $55+tax before March 29th, $55+tax after. https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/courses/197578

Saturday, April 13th, 2:00-4:00pm. $55+tax before April 6th, $60+tax after. https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/courses/199066

exploring boundaries, building bridges: connecting yoga, community, and self yoga outreach conference panel

How do we co-create safer more meaningful yoga and spiritual communities? Matthew Remski, keynote speaker, asks this question in his latest book “Practice and All is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, and Healing in Yoga and Beyond,” which offers a sober view into collective and intergenerational trauma. It also offers a clear pathway forward into enhanced critical thinking, student empowerment, self-and-other care, and community resilience.

To enhance this dialogue we have curated an amazing group of thoughtful and thought provoking panelists to further explore topics including compassionate boundary making and conflict resolution, self-care and all its many facets, and the concept of spiritual bypassing. Attendees will experience thoughtful challenges to predetermined ideas about what it means to live according to yogic principles of compassion and respect, while confronting harm for the benefit of communities, and individuals.

Other speakers include: Farah Nazarali, Julie Peters, Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, Sjanie McInnis, Leslie Wilkin, Danielle Braun-Kaffman, Liana Yip, Renee Turner, & Sarah Holmes de Castro.

Saturday, May 25th, 9:30am-5:30pm at Creative Coworkers 250 Alexander Street, $75 before May 5th, $100 after.

Exploring Boundaries, Building Bridges: Connecting yoga, community, and self

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