Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio News


Welcome to the Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio news page! This is the small yoga studio on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC, that I run with my mom, Jane. You can return to the Ocean and Crow website here: https://oceanandcrow.ca/

Summer Session Starts June 24th: and we will pro-rate you!

We know summer is a bit of a crazy time, and we want to commit to yoga but the mountains call or visitors come and we know we’re going to miss a couple of classes. No problemo! Let us know when you’ll be away and you can sign up for the classes you WILL be here for. Stick to your commitment to your yoga and take your vacations anyway! Plus you’ll still have access to your Bonus Class and two make-up classes within your session. Email julie@oceanandcrow.ca if you want to prorate, but do it before all prices go up on June 17th!

Take a look at the summer classes here: http://www.jcpeters.ca/ocean-and-crow-yoga-studio/all-classes/



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