Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio

I run a yoga studio in Vancouver with my mom, Jane. It’s a cozy little spot intended for real people who care about things like learning to love their bodies and feel good in their skin and get better at dealing with the stress of being a human better.

Check out our website here: oceanandcrow.ca

and see my course offerings here: classes at Ocean and Crow

Yoga On Us!

We like to offer special complimentary classes every now and again so that you can come and try out our studio before you commit to taking one of our wonderful 6 week preregistered courses. Or if you are already registered, you can just add it on to your yoga routine and enjoy the added service.

All you have to do is register for these special classes at least 24 hours in advance so we know to expect you. Since we will be underwriting the fee for your class, all we ask is your commitment to attend. Class size will be limited.

I teach around one a month. Keep your eye out on this page: https://oceanandcrow.ca/yoga_on_us

Writer, yoga teacher, studio owner.