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secrets of the moon phase goddesses: the yoga of relationships [VICTORIA, BC]

We know yoga helps us feel calmer and healthier in our own minds and bodies. But how can it help us in our intimate relationships? What about when we are angry with a loved one, dealing with a difficult breakup, or struggling with our own loneliness?

In this workshop, meet the Nityas, a set of Tantric goddesses that each preside over a specific moon phase with her own lesson about desire, connection, and separation. Here, Jvalamalini uses her anger to fiercely protect her right to an independent self, Kameshvari finds empowerment in her own loneliness, and Lalita, the Queen of the Moon Goddesses, embodies playful erotic desire, which is not only the secret to intimacy with another complex person but also the engine of the universe itself.

This workshop will include some conversation and storytelling, and then an all-levels Flow practice with some optional journaling. Please bring a journal!

Sunday, June 11th, 4:00-6:00pm 

$40+tax before June 3rd, $45+tax after 

Register here: Ajna Yoga Studio 

Ajna Yoga Theatre Lane Studio, 2185 Theatre Lane, Victoria BC V8R5S4, 250-812-8355



teaching as storytelling: secrets of sequencing yoga classes  [VANCOUVER, BC]

Sequencing is the secret magic of a yoga class. It’s the reason your students leave feeling great…or not. Well, it’s not magic! Just as a story needs not only words but also grammar to make sense, a yoga class has an underlying logic that can help us move our students in a specific direction both physically and energetically.

This class is for yoga teachers who want to understand not only what the yoga postures are, but why and how to organize them in a sequence. It will help you create classes creatively and safely and with minimal prep. Once you know why, when, and how certain postures should go together, you’ll never need to memorize a sequence again! We will also discuss how sequencing can support the theme that you are trying to offer to your students, how to clarify your intentions in class, and gain confidence in who you are as a yoga teacher.

These guidelines can be used in pretty much any style of yoga, especially Hatha and Vinyasa. The workshop is intended for teachers with a 200 hour yoga teacher training, but email if you have a special case. The workshop is valid for 5 Yoga Alliance CEUs. Registrants are eligible for 10% off any weekly yoga course at Ocean and Crow Yoga Studio.

Saturday, July 15th, 2017


$125+tax before July 8th.

Late registration (after July 8th) $135+tax

*There is one spot for financial assistance in this course. Email to apply.

Ocean and Crow Yoga. 1707 Grant St, Vancouver BC V5L2Y6. 778-706-8805

Register here:



how to make a living as a yoga teacher  [VANCOUVER, BC]

Teaching yoga is a wonderful but somewhat confusing career. It is full of possibilities, but how do we know which ones will work for us? How do we get people to come to class? How do we teach enough classes without getting burnt out? What does it mean to teach full time? And… how do we make money?

The truth is, teaching yoga can be incredibly creative, satisfying, and even sustainable, but we must figure out how tap into our inner boss to figure out how to make it work for us. You have something unique and important to offer–the trick is figuring out how to name it and get it out there. In this workshop, we explore best practices for filling your classes, getting paid well, and building your career into something that can nourish and sustain you as the yoga teacher you really want to be.

Saturday, August 26th, 2:00-5:00pm

$99+tax before August 19th.

Late registration (after August 19th) $115+tax

*There is one spot available for financial assistance in this course. Email to apply.

*Registrants in this workshop are eligible for a 10% discount on any weekly yoga course at Ocean and Crow Yoga studio.

Ocean and Crow Yoga. 1707 Grant St, Vancouver BC V5L2Y6. 778-706-8805

Register here:

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