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Crocodiles, elephants, and a whale of a tale

I’m shocked and awed that my most recent article, published on elephantjournal.com, has received over 37,000 views at last count. This article is about the beauty in the breakdown: how being stuck on your floor crying in a pile, lost, uncertain, and fearful, is potentially the best thing that’s ever happened to you. I’ve had so many personal messages come through this article, and I think it must say something good about the world that folks read it, sent it to their friends and brothers and moms and on and on. This article is about the pain of being human, about hope when everything sucks, and I think it’s pretty awesome that so many people chose this over, say, Brangelina’s latest bowel movement. We must be getting better as a species. We are evolving, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I’d love for you to read it here.

I should say, I wrote this article when I was already going through a bit of a rough time, and THEN i got hit by a car. Having added injury to insult, I’m laid up at home, unable to teach or practice (much, yet) with a hurt knee and a broken heart, so it’s given me a lot of warm fuzzies to talk to so many people and hear how they are choosing, now, to start changing their stories of insult and injury and turning it into connection and hope and kicking ass on the back of a crocodile (read the article to get that joke!)

And I really miss my students/teachers. I’d love to see you this Saturday at Highgate YYOGA in Burnaby BC to learn about Yin Yoga and the Poetry of the Body. We’ll be going deep into a physical meditation to learn about the stories we’ve been holding onto in our bodies and how we can start to tease them out and create space to tell newer, more interesting, juicier stories about our lives and our bodies. Bring a journal!

Learn more here, and preregister for this event here.

In the meantime, do go to my facebook page, facebook.com/juliejcp, and you will be able to hear/read two new poems and get a bunch of other stuff so it’s more like I’m hanging out with you and less like I’m sitting on my couch icing my knee and eating chocolate ice cream.

See you soon lovelies!

peace, love and unicorns,


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